Why You Need Adjustable Monitor Stand?


Using monitor stand offers many benefits to the user,  not just a solution to remove a screen from a desk and allow vertical/horizontal rotation.

If we can’t adjust our monitors, we will adjust ourselves and posture to the position of our screen. We hunched and tighten our necks.

If you have a standing desk, using a monitor arm is more than better. The ideal ergonomic position when you’ are sitting or standing is different. You will in the wrong position at least half the time if you can’t adjust your screen.

In-office, we do this for long periods of time. This causes strain on the eyes, neck, and back, which in turn leads to musculoskeletal disorders and ultimately a loss of productivity.

This is why an adjustable monitor arm is critical. If a person can adjust the height, distance, and angle of their monitor. It means they can adjust their technology to their own specific requirements. Reducing the appearance of tension in the eyes, neck, back as well as shoulder.

The need to implement ergonomic furniture and wellness initiatives has never been greater!


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