Why You Need A Height Adjustable Standing desk

Why You Need A Height Adjustable Standing desk

A report published July 27, 2016, in The Lancet. The report confirmed that people increase their risk of death who sat for long periods. Physical inactivity related deaths contribute to $13.7 billion in productivity losses, over three million preventable deaths worldwide each year.

If you’re not getting enough activity in your day, it’s not too late to turn it around and gain great health benefits from height adjustable standing desk without extra time.

The height-adjustable standing desk is designed by ergonomics which draws on many disciplines from physical, cognitive and organizational ergonomics. Obstacles surrounding better ergonomic features to sedentary employees include cost, time, effort, healthy and for both companies and employees.

Despite the proven benefits of height adjustable standing desk, it doesn’t mean standing more is better while it isn’t easy. Too much standing can cause lower back pain, problems with leg muscles, tendons, and varicose veins.

The best advantage of the height adjustable standing desk is you can choose both!

Don’t sit or stand all day, but change it regularly, don’t forget to take a short break and walk around.

Research shows the ideal ratio is 1:2 between standing and sitting.

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