Wholesale Motorized TV Lift Mechanism in Bulk with Top Customized Solution!

Wholesale TV Lift




TV lift mechanism helps big screens across the confines of the living room and fits all corners of the house.

Motorized TV Lift have made it possible to place the television in cabinets, and bedroom frames, or even hide them behind fireplaces.




B&H Ergonomics has worked so hard to perfect creating and wholesale TV Lift mechanism for many years.

Manufacture best electric height TV Lift is the most important way to support our clients in building brand and reputation!





ALL In One-Stop Customized TV Lift Mechanism Solution

This ultimate solution guide would help you know more about TV Lift!

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Why Choosing B&H Ergonomics?

Ningbo B&H Ergonomics is a professional Motorized TV Lift factory and TV Lift wholesaler with many years of experience. Motorized TV Lift

Our TV Lift is produced by the most advanced technology.
All resources and efforts are focused on helping our customers create and build their brands and business.

  • ProfessionalB&H Ergonomics has many years of experience in producing TV Lift

  • High Quality, strictly controls every production step and offers the top quality TV Lift of our clients.
  • Servicewe provide you with custom-tailored services, meeting every demand of yours.
  • Best Pricewhen you purchase in bulk, the discounts are more pronounced!

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Wholesale Customized Motorized TV Lift with Remote in Bulk

Motorized TV LiftMotorized TV Lift

Motorized TV Lift





Customize Your Height Adjustable TV LiftFrom A Reliable Manufacturer!

No matter need a customized height range or any other requirement,

get the ultimate TV Lift solution from B&H!

How Do We Get TV Lift in Bulk Step-by-Step?

1. Prepare Raw Material

Motorized TV Lift factory

4. Painting

Motorized TV Lift factory

2. Cutting By CNC Machine

5. Assbenly TV Lift Motor

Motorized TV Lift factory

3. Welding By Machine Hand

6. Packing and Delivery

Motorized TV Lift shippment

How Do We Make Quality Control of TV Lift?
  1. Make sure good raw materials
  2. Using advanced production machines to manufacture TV lift Mechanism
  3. Strict Inspection

3.1 100%Visual check

3.2 Assembly and Function check

3.3 Running test

3.4 Fatigue test

3.5 Noise check

3.6 Others

4. Others

Things You Should Know About Wholesale Motorized TV Lift

What’s the MOQ of the TV Lift bulk order?

The standard MOQ is 100 pcs at a time, but it can be negotiated.Motorized TV Lift display

What’s the production time?

It will be within 30-40 days, but if the quantity is huge, it should be negotiated.

Can your produce TV lift in our design and drawing?

Yes, customized design is welcome.

Does the TV lift has a remote?

Yes, it not only has remote but also have a memory controller

Can I check the TV Lift sample before placing an order?

Yes, absolutely, the sample is available, we can send you from China directly.

Can we get the quote including the shipping cost?

Yes, the shipping cost is unstable, you can contact us for a real-time quote.

Can you put our logo on products?

Yes, it can put your logo on the TV lift with stickers.