Benifit from Ergonomics Standing Desk Frame

Nowadays, people are engaged in work, in many cases they are sitting in office for a whole day.

In fact, everyone knows some of the harms of sitting for a long time. The easiest thing to feel is that after sitting for a long time, you will feel sore all over your body when you stand up. The back and shoulders particularly.

To relief this problem, sit and stand desks become a new way of working.

Dual motor sit stand desk BH-D23RS

What are the damages of sitting for a long time?

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Searching on the Internet, you can see a lot of explanations about the disadvantages of sedentary, as well as scientific research scholars’ papers on this research. Detailed information can be found online, so here is a brief list of some common disadvantages.

After sitting for a long time, cervical spine, back, spine, digestive system, etc. are all prone to problems

How to relief?

First of all, “no sitting” is impossible, because it’s sitting is still the mainly way of working. It is impossible to stand for all time when.

Since the problem is caused by “sedentary”, then we have to find a solution from “sedentary”.

  1. A more healthy way of sitting

–Look forward with both eyes and keep your eyes parallel to the computer screen;

–When typing, the wrist and forearm should be in a straight line, that is, the elbow should be about 90 degrees;

–Don’t bend your legs

–Keep your back straight, don’t arch your back


  1. Sit and stand alternately

Since the problem is caused by sedentary sitting, one of the natural solutions is to “sit for a while,” which is to alternate between standing and sitting.

Standing while working, then you need a sit stand desk, so that all parts of the body can be exercised, reducing the body’s local fatigue.

The advantages of standing desk:

–It not only allows you to stand and sit alternately, and relieve local fatigue; but also it can be adjusted, so that it can be well adapted to people of different heights, so that everyone can put their hands in a comfortable position.

How to choose a good standing desk:

Currently on the market, lifting tables are classified according to the lifting methods, there are three types: Hand Crank, and Electric table (single motor/dual motor)

At present, the mainstream is still electric lifting tables

We can also make investigation on the electric table from the following aspects:

  • Easy installation or not
  • Stability

Shaking is mainly divided into two scenes, shaking when lifting and shaking when typing

(1)During the lifting process, the shaking caused by mechanical movement will cause shaking; at the same time, some are single motors, that is, one side is moving, and the other side is driven at the same time. Since one is active movement and the other is passive movement, the difference in movement speed is also will cause shaking

(2)The shaking caused by pressing during use (such as typing); this is because after the lifting table is raised, the center of gravity becomes unstable after the application of external force. The main test is the quality of the lifting table, mainly whether the weight distribution of the table is even.

  • Loading Capacity

Generally speaking, the load capacity of today’s lifting tables is generally above 50KG. Comparing our daily objects, we know that a mechanical keyboard weighs more than 1KG, a laptop weighs about 2KG, a 27-inch monitor weighs about 4KG, and a common case weighs about 10KG.

Therefore, when choosing an elevator table, you can estimate which desktop products you will use, calculate its approximate weight, and choose the weight of the elevator table according to the estimated weight.

  • Memory Display

The memory position is used to remember the height you use frequently. With a digital display, it will be more convenient to use, allowing you to quickly return to the height you often use when you use it.

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